Monday, October 1, 2012

Protect against bad breath for 12 hours with new CB12

UK Health Radio previews a unique oral care agent neutralises substances and processes that cause bad breath.............................


CB12 is a new, unique, long-lasting mouth rinse proven to prevent and treat bad breath.
Effective for 12 hours, CB12 neutralises substances and processes that cause bad breath.
CB12 combats all three parts of volatile sulphur compounds gases (VSCs) that cause bad breath instead of simply masking it for a short period of time. The unique combination of zinc and chlorhexidine eliminate the “VSCs” from exhaled air and thus also bad breath. CB12 also contains fluoride.
CB12 safe breath oral care agent is available in larger Boots stores and Lloyds Pharmacies nationwide (from November 2012), in both Mint/Menthol and Mild varieties, 250ml, £14.59.
The mouth rinse was developed, evaluated and documented using a gas chromatograph (a specially developed instrument capable of detecting sulphurous gases), of which only a few exist worldwide.
CB12 is easy to use and designed to give the user an exact dose every time. Simply rinse for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, gargle and then spit out.
Do not swallow. CB12 is not suitable for those under 12 years or those sensitive to the ingredients.
Dr Thomas Norlin, dentist and a member of the research team that developed CB12 explains, “The discovery and development of the unique active ingredient in CB12 was an incredibly exciting time. CB12’s unique formula, which treats the cause of bad breath, offers welcome relief to halitosis sufferers, ensuring safe breath for 12 hours. We have already seen great successes in other markets. This is a really exciting product for dentists, pharmacists and consumers alike.”
Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the oral cavity, around the teeth and in the gum pockets, as well as in crypts on the back of the tongue. When these bacteria break down food particles, malodorous VSC sulphur gases are formed and these cause bad breath in the exhaled air. Bacteria in the mouth area are naturally occurring and essential for good health.
CB12 neutralises and prevents the origin of these gases. The effect of CB12 is on the gases, not the bacteria, a key differentiator from other products.