Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Europe Health Radio unveils new logo

Europe Health Radio, the forthcoming new development from UK Health Radio, the health and wellness radio station for the UK, Europe and beyond has unveiled its new logo:

The mission of the new health radio station will remain the same as UK Health Radio in the UK:

The mission of UK Health Radio is to improve the quality of life of people across the globe by providing health and wellness information through radio broadcasts and a resource website, allowing professionals to share best practice, their expertise and passion and for suppliers to showcase their products and services

The content will be largely shared with UK Health Radio but will also include regional programmes in European languages.

Station Director, John Hicks, welcomed the new artwork, which will be featured in a new website being launched by the end of the year, and said: "This is a unique opportunity for health, medical, nutrition, pharmacueticals, sports, fitness and homeopathy practitioners, campaigners and experts to share their passion and expertise on the radio in their own language."

"Similarly, for listeners, UK Health Radio and Europe Health Radio offer them the opportunity to hear health and wellness radio programs in a range of European languages." John added.

UK Health Radio can be heard at