Monday, October 29, 2012

How I Wore It :: Black Tie and NOT Pregnant!

If you look back at my black tie How I Wore It posts {here and here}, I am pregnant in both of them {and do I change my hair color a lot or what?!} In fact, I have been pregnant for EVERY black tie event we have been to since we have been married.  This year for Steeplechase, one of my favorite parties of the year here in Fort Worth, I was....get ready for it....NOT pregnant for the first time in 3 years!! This was a monumental night for me. I found a dress to wear on a fluke while up in NYC for Coterie last month and was so excited to wear it. Unfortunately, four different styles of Spanx I tried did not work and one line or another ended up showing, but I sucked in like a champ and had a great time ;) 

Dress :: Juicy Couture / Clutch :: Anya Hindmarch / Shoes :: Gucci

{the clutch, last year's anniversary present from Biz, was my favorite part}

Here are some snapshots from the actual event ---

Happy Monday everyone...thinking of and praying for those on the East coast...