Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Once a Bully, Always a Bully

Whether you are pushed down the stairs, made fun of for your race or constantly receiving put-downs on a social networking site, these are all forms of bullying and they cannot be left unnoticed.

Though most people think bullying stays in grade school, Cyber Bullying Goes to College by Caleb Daniloff proves that bullying continues after high school and is more commonly seen in cases of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying consists of insults, name calling, and threats of sexual or physical harm.  And though we are now talking about a college level, peer pressure still exists. 

You can see cyber bullying on social networking sites, emails, chat rooms, instant messages and text messages. Because of continual growth in technology, more ways to be cyber bullied are coming up. 

If you feel threatened by someone over the Internet or even on campus, you shouldn’t leave it left unnoticed.  Occasionally cyber bullying can escalate at the college.  You should get rid of the source of bullying and ask someone for help. 

Whether it’s cyber bullying or someone is physically harming or verbally harming you, never leave it unnoticed.  If you are a parent and notice your child is being cyber bullied, don’t leave your child unattended but get rid of the problem by getting rid of the social networking program or block the bullies number.

-Nicole Steinfeldt SHAC student