Monday, April 1, 2013

The Best New Trend in Interior Design- Dead Animal Decor - April Fools!

Have your own little zoo
A very hot trend in interior design is very cold dead animals. I personally can't get enough of this look. Mounted heads and antlers and real zebra skin rugs have been around for years. But recently, dead peacocks have become a popular look with interior designers. I especially like using dead stuffed animals in the entryway to greet your guests or in the dining room to whet the appetite.

 Here is a picture gallery to inspire you. I love the dead animals even more when they are dressed up in hats, jewelry, monocles, bows, unicorn horns, even your wedding dress. A brilliant idea is to cut up and sew together dead animals, especially baby ones, to create fantasy dead animals as wall art. So chic!!!! The mounted baby dead animals would be so fabulous in a nursery or child's room - the stuff of dreams.

I mentioned last week that flamingos are the next big thing in interior design - I can't wait to see a dead stuffed flamingo in someone's home - so much more tasteful than the plastic yard ones.

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UPDATE - Flamingo in a living room - not sure if this is faux or real

Deborah Lloyd's home - a rare albino peacock wearing a Kate Spade necklace

For Deborah Lloyd, one dead peacock was not enough

Anna Sui's home

Elle Decor

Jeffrey Bilhuber - Elle Decor

Jeffrey Bilhuber - New York Social Diary

Alexis and Trevor Traina's home  - Vogue

Celery Kemble - Lonny

Celery Kemble - Lonny

Lonny - a peacock on the mantel and a horn or tusk below

Interior designer Melanie Turner loves greeting guests with her dead rhea - nothing says welcome to my home like a dead animal

The dead rhea looks great with the mongolian lamb stools

Greeting guests

Melanie Turner's dead rhea apparently walks - here he is in her living room

Just say NO to dead animals as decor