Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Styling - The Sofa and Coffee Table

I actually had Sunday all to myself and had a wonderful time doing some spring cleaning and styling in my house. One little project was to style my sofa and coffee table for the spring with lots of color. I love the vintage pink Otomi runner I've layered on the sofa. I also added a new flamingo print to my wall art. On the coffee table I've mixed a pink patent leather tray, lots of interior design books ("Great Expectations" is actually a Kate Spade clutch!), and some J.Crew bracelets in vibrant pastels. The gold hedgehog on the skirted table is a Kate Spade coin purse and and the zebra handbag on the Chinese garden stool is vintage Kate Spade. See the zebra book jacket on "Henley On Safari"? - reminiscent of the iconic "I Married Adventure."

I love fashion almost as much as interior design (my daughter is a fashion stylist) and I often display beautiful jewelry, scarves, and accessories from my wardrobe. I was in C.Wonder the other day and all their foo dogs were wearing bracelets as collars and necklaces. So fun!