Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Update on Abbye...

For those of you that have not rechecked the blog since last night, you will not even believe...ABBYE WAS MATCHED WITH A HEART. It was a young woman from Austin about Abbye's age. Her situation was of course critical and this turn of events was; she underwent surgery very late last night and she spent today in recovery. 

Everything went exactly as expected during surgery and in the early stages of her recovery, however she has since suffered two large strokes. One caused her to permanently lose vision on her right side, and the other has affected all movement on her left side. She is currently in critical condition and her ventilator will not be removed until there is assurance of no swelling in her brain, which is life threatening. 

The great news is that her new heart is doing well, but this is obviously a lot to overcome at once. She has been so strong thus far and this last minute miracle of a matched heart came just at the right time - I know God and everyone's prayers will continue to pull her through this. 

As of now, FORTY TWO of us have registered to become donors! Pat yourself on the back. You done good! The gift cards will be taken care of sometime this week, so keep an eye out for an email with the details.

Prayers up...