Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raw Milk in Vogue

 dairy chart

Have you seen these latest statistics on HOW FEW people get sick from raw {unpasteurized} milk, compared to foods we consume without thinking twice such as seafood, product, poultry, beef and eggs? Pathogens and toxins are MUCH higher in the aforementioned when compared to unpasteurized dairy.

According to published reports from the Centers for Disease Control between 1999 and 2010, food borne illness from raw milk averaged about 42 times per year. This means that a person is 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other foods than from raw milk. According to Dr. Tead Beals MD who compiled the CDC data that proves raw milk is safe, “It is irresponsible for senior national government officials to oppose raw milk, claiming it is inherently hazardous. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for opposing the sale of raw milk or warning against its inclusion in the diets of children and adults.” 

If you read the full report that contains the chart above, the sentence just before the graphic is as follows: “Since Dairy is the lowest risk food category per serving consumed, we set its rate of illness as “1″ in order to facilitate a comparison between categories.” Yes, this includes dairy that is completely unprocessed and consumed fresh from the farm.

Want some GREAT news? We are very fortunate to have the HB 46 bill passing this season in Texas! What is it? It would allow licensed farmers to sell raw milk at farmers markets and through delivery arrangements. Right now, Texans can legally buy farm fresh, raw milk from licensed Texas dairies, however the government requires consumers to drive to the actual farm, which can be 2 or 3 hours away. This burdens consumers and penalizes the family farmers who are unfairly prevented from marketing their milk!

What can you do? So simple. Email your Representative something like this below:

Dear Representative Collier,

I am writing you urge you to support the Raw Milk Bill – HB 46. To have to drive miles and miles outside of our city to simply obtain fresh milk for my children is very time consuming, not to mention a waste of gas. The laws forbidding local sale of farm fresh milk make the entire process far more inconvenient than it needs to be to get my children the healthiest dairy option available. Making raw milk sales more flexible will benefit rural economies as well, and can mean the difference between a net loss on the farm and a reasonable income for the farm family. PLEASE strongly consider voting YES to this bill, HB 46. Thank you thank you!

Warmest regards,

Sheridan French

Below are snapshots of the flyer with pertinent information that you need to do this. Copy and paste my email if you’re in Tarrant County, change your name, and send it to Ms. Collier here – nicole.collier@house.state.tx.us – how easy is that?!

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy
Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist, says it well, “While Dr. Beals’ analysis no doubt proves the case to those open minded consumers willing to spend the time in research, old habits die hard and the government stance that “raw milk is dangerous” still needlessly scares away far too many consumers who could truly benefit from this nutrient dense food.”

I dearly hope that raw milk will become in vogue, and be the truly popular health food it should be. With your help, this is very close to becoming a reality – how lucky are we!!


Raw Milk in Vogue