Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reading for children + touching letters

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Pretty impactful, right?

I also watched this beautiful, touching video this evening. Dove has done an amazing job looking at inner vs outer beauty, and how we as women see ourselves vs how others see us. This video is really incredible…take the 3 minutes to watch. It is called Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Powerful. Very moving.

And a few more links for the weekend that are thought-provoking, wonderful, and worth much consideration…

The Atheist’s Dilemma :: A Harvard student’s journey

An Open Letter to the Church from a Lesbian :: Signed, A Sister in Christ. Moving. Heartfelt. Important.

– This is one of the most prominent issues in our society today, though this post by Ann doesn’t so much focus on it….abortion….but brings light to the step that so often comes before it…male promiscuity. This side of the coin is sadly, sadly overlooked. Read the full post here {it is a beautiful story and not remotely political, if you choose to read it all} but if not, these three lines really struck me:

Male promiscuity is about power and pleasure and no presence.

Male promiscuity is about sensuality and fertility and no responsibility.

Male promiscuity is about cultural instability.

Quite heavy, but all of these are such incredible letters, posts, stories, videos — they touched me deeply and I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy them….or rather, that they are as thought provoking for you as they were for me….Grips my heart...