Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well, here's my last post, by July blogger of the month Seungjin Kim

Well, here's my last post.
About a year ago, right about this time, I was standing in my apartment in Beersheva, alone, A/C not working, and just wondering what I've gotten myself into. I was excited and senselessly lonely at the same time. As time went by, Beersheva became a new home for me. Now I know what to do when I go back there, along with trying to meet some high standards set by the current third years. I hope I can be as good a second year as my second year friends when I was a first year, but I really have doubts. They were..and are an amazing bunch. When we finished our first year, a third year, soon to leave Beersheva to go stateside for his fourth year, said to be nice to the first years. I really want to, and will try to. If there's any first year reading this, please, please contact me for anything; I'll try to provide help. It's normal to be out of place at this time; it's normal to be frustrated. Don't think about USMLE until the beginning of 2nd semester, because prepping for USMLE should start, in my humble opinion, in 3rd semester (so why at the beginning of 2nd semester? Because at the end of 2nd semester you'll be in zombie mode.. you'll know when you get there).

That said, I still gotta enjoy my break before I go back there. I still need more rest! I lost 5 kg around the last couple months in B7 due to some studying schedule mishaps and I finally gained some weight back. Yeah.. eating and exercising are two really important things for marathon-studying required in med school. For now I don't want to do any work that requires concentration, not just yet ;) I still gotta go places, eat good food... I still haven't gone to a Korean BBQ yet! And still haven't gone to In-and-Out (aghast)! But I do know my place is there in the Negev, so I will gladly head back when time comes. Only when time comes, hehehe.

What's going to be waiting for us second years once we go back?

Well, we started with one classmate who's married, but we'll have one more. We'll have to start studying for USMLE. We're gonna start systems. One hellava rollercoaster ride that'll end with taking the Step I. One last real Christmas break. I'm kinda excited for it though. Now we know how the year flows in Beersheva, so we'll be ready and prepare ourselves better. Some of us will try to use the newly gained knowhow to race against time and academics to create something great this year. As for me I got little projects I'd like to accomplish, med school and church-related. Hey Hebrew, round two! Step I – let's dream for 270, 'cause why the hell not? Let's dream high! … haha I'm probably gonna accomplish 20% of what I have in mind for the year but that's okay. Ugh and then there's the dreaded lit review... sigh.

Oh also, the city will have finished building the water park!!! It'll be nice to stroll around it during nighttime.

That's it from me. Good luck first years!!!! Can't wait to see you guys! - blogger of the month, Seungjin Kim