Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I Wore It :: An All Time Fave

Please excuse the less-than-a-day-old-not-faded-at-all spray tan.

This was before we headed to church on Sunday in one of my all time favorite dresses, and as soon as I saw the photos I was like WOAH. Hello roots. Knowing the photo shoot was TOMORROW I thought, it's ok, I do box dyes on my hair allll the time. I'll just pop right along to Walgreens, pick up my bestie L'Oreal Preference, and do a quick color swaparoo during nap time. Long story short, my hair turned a shade of what I fondly like to refer to as Nursing Home Gray. 

Did I mention the photo shoot was less than 12 hours away? 

Never one to panic {HA}, I just decided another box of dye would fix it. 
True story.
It did not.

Thankfully I was able to get into the salon Monday evening, but I couldn't take a single shot on Monday at the first day of shooting. SO BUMMED, but my models killed it and everything turned out fabulous with them! 

Squish wanted to take part ;) 

Dress :: Marc Jacobs circa 2000 or somewhere around there - I will cry for a week when this one bites the dust, Sunglasses :: Prada, Shoes :: Miu Miu, Monogram Necklace :: Max & Chloe, Cross Necklace :: Ceek

And since Snooze hasn't really made an appearance since he was born, here he is now 10 weeks later...

Mommy and her darling boys!