Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic sensation “Olive Leaf” heading for gold

UK Health Radio News:

The London Olympics 2012 is not being called the green Olympics for nothing!

Laidback Aussie gold medal hot shot James Magnussen believes breaking the 100m freestyle world record twice in four days is a possibility in London, now that an Olive Leaf Extract has rid him of his pre-meet sickness curse.

This is going to be exciting and different, going in healthy," said "The Missile", who gulped a small bottle of the Olive Leaf and probiotic mix "that the Body Science people specially developed for me" before jumping into the water yesterday.

The company Body Science (BSC) Australia is a sponsor of some of the Australian athletes, and the Olive Leaf probiotic liquid produced by Rochway for Body Science is making headlines!

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Olive Leaf Extract is available in 500 ml liquid and 30 capsule bottles.