Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Best Photo on Pinterest...

I found it. 

Not a beautiful home or impeccably decorated living room. Not the perfect wall color or an amazing backyard garden. Not an image full of neon or even the greatest designs from fashion week. Because as much as I love finding pretty pictures, in the grand scheme of things, none of that holds a candle to what life is really about. 

This picture is what life is about - truly a photograph that is worth 1000 words. I hope it touches your heart as much as it does mine! {You know tears are streaming down my cheeks right now as I look at it} Makes me want to go wake my babies up from their naps and squeeze them for seven hours straight. 

God bless every single man and woman - and their amazing families! - that is serving or has served our country. Everyone enjoy your Sunday {who are you rooting for to win tonight??} and upcoming week, and may you notice the many blessings that come your way every day :)))