Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I LOOOOVE Valentine's Day

One of my favorite days of the year, for sure, is Valentine's Day. Hallmark schmallmark - everyone wants to be in love, and I think it's so nice to have a day dedicated to celebrating that. I know it's really a day for the girls, but that makes it even better - having your boyfriend or husband figure out something extra special and perfect just for you. *sigh. Hi, my name is Sheridan, and I am a full-blown sap. 

I always try to do something extra special and sweet for Biz today {I've written him love letters, made him an I Love You Box with oodles of reasons why I love him, you know, the sort of stuff that guys go crazy over getting and dream about their whole lives......} so when I came across the image above on Pinterest about a month ago, I knew immediately that I had to do that for Biz this morning. I did 5 balloons, one for each year we've known each other, and tied an "I love you because..." message to each string. 

I snuck them into the bedroom last night around 2am while he was sound asleep, soooo quiet and hush hush you may as well just start calling me Stealth. I gave myself about 50 imaginary gold stars for not waking him up and being oh-so-smooth. This is where I failed: the air conditioner blew one of the balloons over next to the fan {TABLE fan, not ceiling, I do have somewhat of a brain thank you very much}, where the fan proceeded to suck the string into its jaws of death. This mimicked a noise that can only be described as a robber breaking into our house via banging as loud as possible on the window while throwing eggs at it. THEN, once it sufficiently ate the string, it drug the balloon down to its death, mimicking a raid being conducted with flash bombs. 

The best part of all of this is: I have been sleeping upstairs in the nursery with Munch while she's been a bit under the weather, so I wasn't even there! HA!! Biz had no bloody idea what was going on when he woke up to the SWAT attack in our bedroom at 3am. The alarm went off {apparently - I had no idea} from all of the noise, Squish ran downstairs in a panic, while Biz was recovering from his stage 4 heart attack. At least there were pretty balloons on the ceiling, right honey?? :D

Whatever - it was still a great idea and I'm glad four balloons made it out alive. One casualty for love was worth it.

Happy Valentine's Day!!