Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2012

Did you guys watch?? We were regrouping from a weekend away in New Mexico so I missed the arrivals, but finally had time to catch up on the fashion just a moment ago and overall I was thrilled with everyone's choices! I love seeing everyone's personalities come out in their gowns, and particularly enjoy the change of dresses from Oscars to after parties. I loved Emma's Stone's Oscar dress, but loved her after party look at Vanity Fair even more. Same goes for J.Lo and Cameron Diaz - LOVE Cameron's orange dress! I also loved seeing Gwenyth's dress without her cape that she wore on the red carpet. She has minimalist chic down pat. My favorite look of the entire night was Michelle Williams, quickly followed by Lily Collins {soon to be playing Snow White opposite Julia Roberts as the Evil Stepmother}. 

Such a fan of nude dresses and super dark nails. 

Always love me some Steven Tyler. Heartsies.