Monday, November 14, 2011

SWOOOOOOOOOOOON x eleventy billion

Image courtesy of Furbish Studio

This my dear friends is my ideal interior design look. A whole bunch of mishmash in contrasting yet complimentary colors and patters bringing in traditional styles at the same time to create one uberchic, eclectic and unexpected look. 

I found the image at the online boutique of Furbish Studio, my latest love. The brick and mortar store is in Raleigh, and I absolutely MUST visit someday. I just ordered two custom dog beds in chartreuse ikat with orange piping and I can't wait until they arrive! I also got this pillow for Munchkin's big girl room. Start sending the right message at an early age, right? Right. I am majorly swooning over the leopard one above, which is also available in green, but I haven't bought it just yet. Currently at the top of my Christmas wish list! {Who am I kidding when I tell Biz I don't want anything for Christmas. I roll my eyes at myself.}

Head over to Furbish's online store, hide your credit cards {you're in for it if you have memorized your credit card number} and prepare to do some drooling.  I'm also trying to convince Jamie, the genius behind Furbish, to carry my line in the future! It would be peeeeerrrrrrrfect I tell you. Perfect. Jamie, holla when you're ready!