Monday, July 11, 2011

Planking, by Maayan Melamed, July blogger of the month

I’ll start my section of the blog with a picture soon before we left Beer Sheva. Shortly before exams, my fellow students and I become rather obsessed with the phenomenon of “planking,” which we would often endeavor to do instead of studying. Here you can see S, my study partner, during a short study break, performing a rather impressive plank on the BGU campus. You can see her perfect form, toes pointed, arms back, face down: impeccable. I think this reflects the attention to detail that we at MSIH pursue in our studies and our lives. This same perfection is applied to endocrinology and anything else we put our minds to. That is the sentiment that I wish to imbue upon my contribution to this blog. Enjoy, readers. - Maayan Melamed, July blogger of the month