Thursday, July 28, 2011

MSIH-BGU Prom! by blogger of the month Maayan Melamed

In March we had an MSIH/BGU Prom. Actually it was called Spring Formal but I much preferred prom. I even took couple of photo-booth pictures with my good friend L, which are romantically displayed on Facebook for those of you lucky enough to have access to the album. Justin has a nice description in his March blog, and even included a picture of me singing with the Astroblasts band. Singing a cover of “All of the Lights” was undoubtedly my highlight of the evening. But there was other entertainment, like the beautiful belly dancer seen in this photo, and a cello-classical guitar duo. Then there was dancing and other shenanigans. I also made a late-night Skype-on-iPhone call to my mom and passed the phone around to all of my friends. She loves them and wants to meet them all. The night inevitably finished at the Einstein club near campus and then we all headed home. Overall, a good time had by all. - blogger of the month, Maayan Melamed