Saturday, September 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes 2013

When you look at the photograph above, would you ever believe that this below is what was going on right in front of her...

One of my favorite things to see at the end of movies are the outtakes! Right?? The fun, the laughter and the pure craziness that go into a production are so great to see. For that reason I was thrilled to have a behind the scenes photographer at the Spring 2013 shoot this year. She was able to capture what was really going on, and looking back on the shots already brings a huge smile to my face. 

Everything moves FAST. Clothes changes, hair changes, makeup touch up - boom boom boom. 
We are on a tight schedule!

Pose for a shot...

...then steal some hugs.

My dining room was transformed into a style closet.

My mom holding Munch, and my hair and makeup artist Connie snuggling with Snooze.

Gabby Tunic Dress in pink/white silk ikat. LOVE!!!

Practicing some twirls and spins in the Melissa Dress, my favorite silhouette of the entire collection.

Miss Popular having to field calls in between shots ;) 

Dance Party 2013 began...

We had SO MUCH FUN, and I love being able to share some of the images with you all! 

These are just a snippet of all the behind the scenes shots. I will share more throughout 2013 via my newsletter. Sign up for it on my website contact page right here!

Lifestyle/Look Book Photographer :: Sommer Photography
Behind The Scenes Photographer :: Candid Chic Photography
Hair and Makeup :: Lemongrass Aveda Salon