Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 5!

I have a little guest post over on one of my favorite decor blogs today with Amber of Amber Interior Design. She asked me to share my Top 5 Kitchens of all time. FUN!! Head on over to see my picks, but be warned there is no shortage of lacquer or color. Here's a sneak peek...

In the Top 5 Spirit and the countdown to Christmas officially underway, I decided to compile my Top 5 Entry Ways as well just for you! 

Number 5 :: This one might surprise some of you who follow my blog regularly, as the entry above is - at least to me - quite sparse and minimalistic which is typically not my style. I love the feeling it gives me, though I can't quite put a finger on what that is exactly!

Number 4 :: This one is also quite traditional which again, is typically not my style, however the mix of graphic black and white chevron with classic stripes on a traditional chair, plus the lovely little vignette behind it, and then the mixture of artwork and varying frames - it just sucks me right in! Not to mention the kitchen in the background with 50s checkerboard tile... what an awesome mix.

Number 3 :: Oh blue velvet. You'll get me every time. Throw in some Gracie wallpaper and I'm a goner. 

Number 2 :: This entrance hall in a Brooklyn apartment was my favorite for many many moons. Hot pink is the color of my blood, so I just adore these walls. Couple that shade with bold black and white and a statement is officially made. The ornate antique French table along with all of the other details in the space make me melt.

Number 1 :: And my all time favorite entrance hall, of course, is lacquered to high heaven and back. I can't imagine anyone walking into that front door and not saying wow as their jaw hits the floor. Now that's my kind of decorating. Not safe. Not expected. Electric blue lacquer.