Thursday, March 17, 2011

The inspirational side of the MSIH, by blogger of the month Justin Levinson

Dan Rhee and Julia Marino were the MC's of the night.
Last night was the first ever TED (technology, entertainment, design) talks in BeerSheva. For those of you who are unfamiliar with TED, it's a set of conferences with the theme of “ideas worth spreading.” You can find many videos online or iTunes of some of the most amazing speeches. The official TED talks are always in California and are ALWAYS very expensive. However, there is the TEDx initiative where independent organizations or communities are able to make their own local version of the TED talk. Last night, the students of MSIH brought TEDx to BeerSheva.
            Usually when a friend of mine gets up on stage, I get nervous for them. I know that they're capable, but I always seem to hold my breathe hoping that they won't make a mistake. But last night, any worrying I had for my friends was completely out of line, because the TEDxMSIH speakers were phenomenal. The theme was “Inspiration to Action”, and it had speeches ranging from Josh's('13) opening speech on Absinthe history to Talie's('14) speech about being able to step into another person's shoes in order to understand them. Of course, these small synopses give nowhere near enough credit to the depth and inspiration of the speakers.
We work hard so that we can play hard (in Tel Aviv)
            I have to admit, I was only planning on coming for the first half because I had too much homework. But by intermission, I couldn't even think about leaving, because the speakers were so inspiring and riveting. For example, Evan ('14) gave an amazing introduction to the history of Comic books and their inspiration during their specific invention time. The closing speech by Rachael('13) about how failed attempts and giving-up can actually help you succeed in the end was a true ending call to action. I was not only riveted by my peers, but I was also inspired by them. It once again reminded me about how amazing the student body is in MSIH. When anybody asks me what my favorite part of Israel and MSIH is, I always respond that the student body is what makes the school. This is truly a group of amazing and inspirational people. On that note, I have to give a shout out to AMSA and Vasavi('13) for putting together the event. It was completely student initiated and student led, as the administration was not even present at the event. So, well done to those who not only spoke at the event, but also those people who helped make it happen. Well done! - March blogger of the month Justin Levinson