Sunday, February 6, 2011

The cost of managing chronic pain, are there better options?

I recently came across an article on the NY times regarding Treating chronic pain and its associated costs (

There are many causes of chronic pain as discussed in this article.  Most of them are afford-ably treated in our office but many of them never quite get to us. Whether from a bad lower back disc, or from a bad auto accident, or from functional mechanical pain, many of the patients who have visited us have already seen the neurologist, the orthopedist, the rehab therapist, the rhumatologist, all at great cost from the care, the injections, the medications and other types of interventions, many of which have little worth because quite simply, they are expensive and have little effectiveness.

The big problem for most people is that most doctors know little about body mechanics, believe the pain is a disease process and treat problems that they quite frankly, do not understand.  This leads to treatments for the pain, rather than the cause of the pain which more often than not can be explained and proved to be mechanical in nature.  Mechanical problems require a mechanical based evaluation to understand the problem and finally, require a mechanically based solution.  This is why many medically based treatments simply can't work.  They do not find the source of the problem and many doctors recommend muscle relaxants believing inflammation just happens which is just ridiculous.

The benefit of seeing a chiropractor is all their solutions are mechanically based and chiropractic has a long history of helping people with chronic pain.  In our office, you have the added advantage of myofascial release treatment and Graston techniques, two methods that address the myofascial system, commonly part of the cause of chronic pain syndromes.  Secondly, we check out posture and your feet, often at the root of chronic pain.  The best part is that care is based on functional improvements that will become more pronounced from visit to visit, resulting in a marked reduction of pain. The other major benefit that as compared to many of the medical rehab and drug based regimens, chiropractic uses no drugs and the rehab is closely tied to manipulative therapy, improved joint function your body will age better because it functions better. Chiropractic should be on the top of the list of treatments people should explore before doing less conservative methods of medical care because quite simply, its more appropriate in most cases.