Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big breakfasts don't help you lose weight, study says.

A recent study published by the NY times suggests having a large breakfast does not decrease the need for or the desire for food for the rest of the day ( The recent German study found that a large breakfast only adds to the amount of foot consumed by someone during the day adding to calories consumed .
The bottom line of the study suggests that to decrease overall calories during the day, either eliminate or markedly reduce the size of the breakfast. This should reduce overall caloric intake.

Personally, I love a big breakfast.  Often, when I have a large breakfast, I have no problem skipping lunch and because I view food as fuel (being a chiropractor is a physical job and I need the right type of fuel), I avoid the urge to eat lunch and may or may not have a snack.  During the normal work week, when I go to the office, my breakfast consists of coffee with milk and 1/2 regular bagel with creamed cheese.  This is sufficient because the creamed cheese has the protein I need and the bagel gives me some carbs to get the day started.

After the holidays, many of us want to shed that unneeded weight and myself included, have decided it was time to shrink myself.  Successful diets work or don't work depending on what you eat and how you apply the diet to your lifestyle.

Many diets suggest you should limit portions.  My current diet has a reduction of carbohydrates such as breads (cut the usual portion of bread in half, eat half a bagel, use pita bread or have a wrap instead of a hero), making it a practice to leave some food on the plate because we are typically full before our body tells us we are.  In other words, leave 1/3 of the food over that you would usually eat. Many of our portions are super sized compared to the rest of the world anyway.

You can also fool yourself into doing this by using a smaller plate and then avoiding second portions.  If this sounds like calorie limitation, it is.  This is much easier than attempting to measure out four oz of meat.

My result, I have lost 10 pounds since New Years and plan to lose another 8-10.  Why starve yourself?  Just eat more appropriately, less carbs, more protein.

One last thing... Exercise.  Cardio classes are great to burn off weight along with swimming and running.  Too much of this will increase your appetite so be careful to mix it up with some other type of exercise such as weight lifting.

Big breakfast - not a problem if you are in control IMHO.

What to you think?  As always, I value your opinion.