Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Playlist 2010!

As promised in my last newsletter, here is my Summer 2010 Playlist! I create "mix CDs" for each season (yea, I'm a huge nerd, I have years and years of these dating back to when I was a pre-teen recording songs off the radio onto cassette tapes!) and below is this summers. I keep an archive of them and love popping an old one in randomly. It brings me right back to wherever I was in my life at that time. Music is such a wonderful thing and the power of a song can be so moving for so many reasons! It can stir up so many memories and emotions that you didn't even know were still there.
Click on my playlist below to see some of what I've been jammin' out to lately and feel free to share some of your favorite summer 2010 songs below!
Stay cool & rock on!!!
Keep it fresh!
- Lauren