Thursday, May 29, 2014

Before & After Kitchen Renovation

Welcome back! It's Monday & it's back to work! of my readers, Meaghan Taylor sent over her amazing Kitchen renovation. 

She described the before pictures by saying, "it looked like a crack den." Ha! Well, I'm not going to disagree with her on that but let's just say the after pics are amazing! 

As many of you know I L-O-V-E a white kitchen & this one was done so nicely...... from the white subway tiles to the black counter tops! I can hardly believe it's the same place....can you?? Let Meaghan know what you think of her reno!!




Here's what Meaghan had to say about the renovation project:

We purchased this home in September of 2009 and planned to first concentrate on:
- Removing all the 1970s wallpaper (on unprimed walls!) and painting
- Removing the popcorn ceilings and re-plastering
- Removing the carpet and replacing with hardwood
We also planned to paint the kitchen walls and cabinets to spruce things up a bit while we saved up for a new kitchen (WITHOUT carpet!)  Unfortunately, we were so tired after 10+ rooms that by the time we got to the kitchen (we were planning a wedding at the same time!), that never happened.  
FINALLY (2 years later), we can say that we are DONE!  Let's decorate (ideas welcome!)

-images by Meaghan Taylor