Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Foo Dogs Really Think

"This decorating with orange Hermes boxes trend has been so overdone."
 Ever wonder what your foo dogs are thinking as they guard your home so serenely? Read my captions to find out.

"Do you think the laundry is dry?"

"We've been trying to quit."

"More hot tea?"

"Would you like to dance?"

"Get off of me!"

"This geisha with a foo dog puppet ventriloquist idea is really dumb."

"I think we clash."

"I've really grown."

"You look like an idiot in that T-shirt."

"It's rude to point."

"Honey, I shrunk the foo dogs."

"To hell with Mayor Bloomberg, I love my sugary drinks."

"I think we look stupid."

"I guess we are dinner."

"The cleaning lady never puts us back right."

"I thought we were supposed to match."

"That was a really good book."

"Go Blackhawks."

"Good foo dog."

"A really bad hair day."

"Don't tempt me, I'm on a diet."

'I'm sick of soup."

"Can you help me up on the couch?"

"I'm not speaking to you."

"We look like idiots."

"I love it when we all get together."

"I need a drink."

"Leave me alone!"

"A family photo."

"I hate heights."

"I know Miles Redd is super talented, but I don't get his thing with ruffled curtains."

"We look great, but that painting is creepy."

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."