Friday, June 7, 2013

Framing Scarves - My Easy DIY

I apologize for the poor photos, but tropical storm Andrea is making its way up the East coast and it is a very dark and stormy day here, not ideal for picture taking.

When my daughter and I were at Lilly Pulitzer the other day, I spotted a scarf I had wanted on sale. Kate found the same print in a darling strapless dress. The scarf is 18 inches square, an ideal size for framing. I remembered that Ikea's Ribba frame comes in a 19 plus inch square frame that would be perfect. I have read lots of scarf framing DIY online with sewing, pinning, etc., none of which I felt like doing. I figured the static electricity of the glass and the silk would keep the scarf in place and it has. I ironed the scarf, positioned it against the glass, put the mat and backing behind it, and five minutes later it was done. Total cost of $60.00.

I think it came out great and the scarf is not damaged and can easily be switched out whenever I wish. It is a wonderful addition to my gallery wall that has grown very organically starting with the large Helen Frankenthaler.