Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fall 2013

Breaking records is usually a good thing....except for when it involves not blogging for over a month. This is my longest time frame to not post anything, BUT it comes with good reason. 

We went to India for over two weeks and it was life changing. I didn't have time for any painted elephant rides {you can bet that's on the list for our next trip} but got to scour markets and find special embellishments and just SEE so much of what was possible. All I can say is get ready for next spring's collection! So much to talk about from the trip, so many new experiences, such a new perspective on life...this will be another post for another day. 

One week after my return, we had the fall photo shoot {better late than never} and the shots I've seen so far are fantastic. Cannot WAIT until you see official ones rather than just these iPhone snaps below! The models are hometown girls and none are professional in any capacity {the gorgeous chick in the bee ball gown is my graphic designer!}, so it was extra fun to have real life women in the clothing. We had SUCH a blast. 

You might recognize the two blondes. The middle was one of my main models for Spring 2013 {she's all over the website right now}, and the other beauty is a gal I met at my open casting call for the Spring 2013 Botanic Gardens shoot. 

Munch stopped by just in time to jump into the last shot of the fall collection, and fit right in. 

{yes, she's holding a cane...the perfect blend of eccentricity I was going for with the shoot!}

There are also pleeeeenty of outtakes to share because being silly is always fun, and keeping the days lighthearted is the only possible way we can stand and pose for 12 hours on end!

More to come soon! I will get back into regular posting in the coming weeks, but have several more things to wrap up for fall, resort and spring before that can happen. Hang tight!!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far... :))) 
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