Thursday, May 9, 2013

Melted Crayon Art

How often do you see something on Pinterest and think, "AMAZING!!!... but I will never have time to do that." {Story of my life}
I had come across photos of this art project too many times to continue drooling over it on the screen, and decided it was time to do this with the kiddos. 

I went to Michael's and bought a new box of 120 crayons, a long canvas, and a new hot glue gun. 
That is ALL it takes! Oh, plus the blow dryer ;) 
Glue each crayon onto the canvas with the hot glue gun and let dry. I ordered ours in rainbow order {mostly}, but obviously do whatever you feel inspired to do.
Start blowdrying and voila! I am in love with it, and it was easy, cheap, and FUN to do.
My arm did get a little tired holding the dryer but it was worth it to have this nice addition to our living room/play room. 
One small tip: I got a little impatient around the blues and put the hair dryer on high. Bad idea. It slung the wax sideways and made a little patch of splatter paint.
No major deal, but if you want them all streaming down, have patience and keep the dryer on low. 
The pink section is my favorite. #duh
Pretty great, right? I left a space at the end for us to write our names and the date we did it, though most I have seen go from one side to the other.
You could always write names and date on the sides of the canvas as well. Happy melting!